Phil Collins - Finally...The First Farewell Tour Paris 2004 HQ

Phil Collins The Last Farewell Tour concert in Paris 2004.
Phil Collins Serious Hits... Live! Berlin 1990:

00:00:00 Drums, Drums and More Drums
00:08:22 Something Happened on the Way to Haven
00:13:49 Against All Odds
00:17:50 Don't Lose My Number
00:24:25 You'll Be in My Heart
00:28:44 One More Night
00:34:07 Can't Stop Loving You
00:38:41 Hang in Long Enough
00:43:56 True Colours
00:49:26 Come With Me
00:54:33 Groovy Kind of Love
00:58:11 I Missed Again
01:02:34 Another Day in Paradise
01:08:21 No Way Out
01:12:58 Separate Lives
01:18:51 In the Air Tonight
01:26:32 Dance Into the Light
01:31:07 You Can't Hurry Love
01:34:07 Two Hearts
01:36:25 Wear My Hat
01:41:22 Easy Lover
01:46:21 Sussudio
01:55:55 It's Not Too Late
02:00:00 Take Me Home (Drums Intro)
02:01:22 Take Me Home

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