Saigon Rock & Soul  Vietnamese Classic Tracks 1968 1974 - Remaster.

CD Remaster by C.T.

01 - Tinh Yêu Tuyệt Vời - CBC Band (The Great Love) 0:00-3:51

02 - Bài Ca Ngông - Elvis Phương (The Crazy Song) 3:52-7:35

03 - Cái Trâm Em Cài - Carol Kim (Your Hair Clip) 7:36-12:10

04 - Tóc Mai Sợi Vắn Sợi Dài - Thanh Mai (Uneven Hair) 12:11-16:47

05 - Nỗi Buồn Con Gái - Carol Kim (The Sadness Of Being A Girl) 16:48-20:40

06 - Con Tim Và Nước Mắt - Bich Loan & CBC Band (Heart And Tears) 20:41-24:28

07 - Đêm Huyền Diệu - Phương Tâm (Magical Night) 24:29-29:05

08 - Sao Biển - Lệ Thu (Starfish) 29:06-33-56

09 - Mặt Trời Đen - Minh Xuân & Phượng Hoàng Band (The Black Sun) 33:57-36:58

10 - Bừng Sáng - Thái Thanh (Dawn) 36:59-41:29

11 - Những Đóm Mắt Hoả Châu - Băng Châu (The Fireballs) 41:30-45:14

12 - Chuyện Tình Sao Ly - Giao Linh (Sao Ly’s Love Story) 45:15-49:55

13 - Kho Tàng Của Chúng Ta - Elvis Phương (Our Treasures) 49:56-52:41

14 - Hoài Thu - Thanh Lan (Autumn Memory) 52:42-56:50

15 - Hờn Anh Giận Em - Hùng Cường & Mai Lệ Huyền (Jealousy) 56:51-1:00:14

16 - Duyên Phận Con Gái - Mai Lệ Huyền (A Girl’s Destiny) 1:00:15-1:05:00

17 - Đố Ai - Phương Dung (Riddles) 1:05:01-1:09:04


SAIGON ROCK & SOUL Vietnames Classic Tracks – 1968-1974
(From the LP Center cover)

01 – The Greatest Love: Love will be there until death.

02 – The Crazy Song: An anti-Viet Cong song. The VC promised to transfer money from the rich to the poor. This song speaks about being happy with what you already have, and how no amount of jewels in the world can buy real freedom.

03 – YOUR HAIR CLIP: Her soldier lover has sent a hair clip, which he fashioned for her out of shrapnel as a gift from the trenches.

04 – UNEVEN HAIR: She sang of a musician she once loved dearly, and how her life has changed as the result of an arranged marriage with a different man.

05 – THE SADNESS OF BEING A GIRL: “How can I hold onto my beloved? How bitter it is when things don’t work out. It’s better not to love, but to just keep things fresh, like in the beginning…only making love. I keep telling my heart not to miss, not to love, not to dreams. It’s so hard being a girl.”

06 – HEART AND TEARS: Love hurts but still exists.

07 – MAGICAL NIGHT: “If we can be together for one night, then we can love forever.”

08 – STARFISH: The story of a man forced to leave his young lover in order to fight in the war.

09 – THE BLACK SUN: “The sun is so black, black like our life. Life is like a homeless dog at night. Don’t trust or believe, or else you’ll be crushed and part with your hopes and dreams. The black sun is still the king of the dark shadows, of memories. I want to forget and wish away the sadness. The sun is black, black like the night. Why do I still see the sun as black as ink?”

10 – DAWN: “Tomorrow you leave to fight the war. This is the last night we have together, so let’s just enjoy it.”

11- FIREBALLS: Where he is, she will follow and be by his side. Fireballs reference the flares used to light the way for soldiers moving in the night.

12 – SAO LY’s LOVE STORY: A woman (Sao Ly) from the mountainous village of Sau Ri loves a man from a rival village of Cam Ray. As she sneaks away to see her lover by night, she is followed into the forest by a man from her own village who kills her with an arrow out of jealousy.

13 – OUR TREASURES: “True love uis like a treasure. We will always be happy, even though we are in poverty.”

14 – AUTUMN MEMORIES: She sings an ode to autumn in her beloved town of Da Lat.

15 – JEALOUSY: A woman is jealous that her soldier husband is away so often. “The life of a man has hundred of ways, but the fate 9of a girl has only one. When you’re away, you better not cheat, you hear me? Let’s make love for a long time. 15 days of leave go by so fast, leaving sadness behind.”

16 – A GIRL’s DESTINY: Feeling jealous that her soldier boyfriend has not come back to see her, she claims that his love fir the country is greater than his love for her.

17 – RIDDLES: A love song in riddle form. “Who is it that knows how many stalks of rice there are? How many curves a river has? How many clouds are in the sky? Who is the one who can sweep all leaves from the forest floor? The one who knows these answers is the one I will be with.”

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